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Every individual has many personalities but one identity.

Like the root of a tree, we are firmly strengthened by values and elements of this identity.

Over the past 8years, we have steadily built a brand that represents a true definition of Ghana, its culture and everything in between.

We are your perfect destination for authentic Ghanaian cuisine married with the values and elements that make Ghana a
 From readily prepared Jollof enveloped in plantain leaves, colourful African wax print fabrics ceiling and curtains to 


wooden & basket trays additions and a variety of irresistible dishes specially served in earthen ware bowls to your delight.
Join us anytime for us to take your taste buds on a journey to all 10 regions of Ghana.

At Azmera, our team uses a fine blend of both modern and traditional food serving techniques to give you homey feel.

We endeavor to leave a taste of Ghana on your tongue and in your memory before you leave.

Join us. We can’t wait to welcome you.

- Afua Krobea Asante


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