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Berɛ te sɛ anomaa, woankyere no na otu a, wonhu no bio

“Time operates like a bird; while it is before you, if not caught, it flies away, never to be seen again” If you are reading this, take a step back and smell your roses for making it this far into 2021! We march into the next half of the year hopeful, observant and grateful for victories not yet clinched. Last month, we received our second nomination for Ghana’s Best Restaurant at the World Culinary Awards; a feat we couldn’t have managed without our cherished diners. With or without this victory, we will continue to parade the gastronomical culture of Ghana to the ends of the world, establishing our Ghanaian pride. It is my hope that you march into the next half of the year, alert and hopeful for new achievements. As the days pass, remember to make the most of it, for lost time may never be found again.

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